The Earth Is Not Flat
You might be forgiven for assuming that the title of this book is a metaphor for the poor state of scientific literacy in the world today, because, for all that we, as a society, don't know about science, even as we enjoy its fruits on a daily basis, no one really believes that the Earth is flat. Alas, no such luck. Not only are there people who believe the Earth is flat, but there are people who adamantly declare that everything you've been taught about our place in the Universe is not only wrong, but the Big Lie, the vast conspiracy to hide the Truth from us. If you haven't encountered the world of the flat-Earthers yet, you're in for an eye-opener. Here you'll find the arguments that the flat-Earth proponents make, from the almost reasonable to the truly bizarre.

Voices On Fiverr
Fiverr can be a great marketplace for voiceover work, for both artist and buyer. But it can also be frustrating if there are unrealistic expectations on either side, or a lack of understanding of the role of a voiceover artist and what that role does and does not entail. This short, to-the-point book helps both buyers and sellers smooth the way, at least a little, so that everyone can get the most out of the Fiverr voiceover experience. Gordon applies his experience as both a Fiverr voiceover artist, and as a producer and director of video game animation from well before anything like Fiverr existed, to help others understand how to proceed, what to expect, what to deliver, and how to stay friends in the process.

Thomas and Walter
Thomas is an ordinary sort of boy. And Walter is an ordinary sort of bear. And they happen to be best buddies. Join them and some of their friends for three charming adventures. Includes the stories "Fishing," "Hide and Seek," and "Television." These stories are intended to be read to younger children aloud, although I hope that older children will enjoy reading them as well.

Guardian Of the Cave
Since the dawn of the cave dwellers, a Guardian has been chosen to protect them from the dangerous beast of the caves, which comes every five years. The time has come, but the Guardian is feeling old and tired. Will he succeed once again in killing the beast? Will his new, young assistant prepare him in time?

Royal Pines Estates
Selling insurance was just a boring, but lucrative job for Dwight McCoy. Until one day he got sent to a boring tract of houses at the base of the mountains north of Los Angeles. The houses all looked the same. The people all looked the same. But for Dwight, nothing was ever going to be the same.

Alex is a regular kind of guy, working a regular kind of job, having a regular kind of day. Except for this little issue with doors.
A Little Light Reading

I've been writing stories since I was a boy, but now with the advent of Kindle ebooks and print-on-demand paperbacks, I can bring you my fiction and non-fiction in an affordable, never-out-of-print medium.