My Movies

When I was 13, I decided I wanted to make movies. I studied everything I could get my hands on, shot as much film as I could afford, and tried my best to master the art of storytelling on film.

Ultimately, I got sidetracked into other forms of storytelling (and making a living). But I never lost the passion for making movies. Now that the equipment is cheap, and distribution is as easy as an upload to YouTube, I'm starting it all up again, as time permits, and playing around with visual storytelling. Here's a little bit of playing around I've done recently.

My playing-around channel is here. The channel where I post videos of my songs is here.

The Scourge Of Visual Effects

Just me having a little fun with my green screen and Apple Motion. Though I really do think that we go overboard using visual effects, and could stand to pay a little more attention to content, angles, camera movement, and, of course, the actors.

Global Warming According To Ed

Ed thinks about things. And solves grave world problems in his own mind.

When the Kids Are Gone

And, of course, as long as I'm getting in front of the camera, I might as well sing one of my songs.