I learned a lot about voiceover work when I was directing cartoons for Philips Media, from some of the top voice talent in the business. But I stayed on the director's desk and (for the most part) out of the booth until after I started acting.

Now I offer voiceover services in two ways. For simple, short, low-budget work, where recording quality doesn't have to be perfect and time is of the essence, I offer my services through Fiverr. It's just a few days to turn it around, and the cost is very low.

For more complex projects, or projects that need the very highest in recording quality, I can work with a local recording studio to get just the sound you're looking for. It takes more time and more money, but if that's what you need, I can get it for you. Just contact me with your project's details and we'll work up a proposal.

Listen to my sample reel on SoundCloud.